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Our restaurant is located in Kastraki of Naxos, at the Alyko – Kastraki junction. Our place is open daily from morning till night. With great pleasure we invite you to visit us and enjoy a comprehensive culinary experience, based on our local traditions and products, but also on the value of our everyday life.

Worth a try...

Our cuisine is completely based on traditional recipes and the principles of the authentic Naxian cuisine.

The gastronomy of Naxos island is a special one, that differs from other Aegean cuisines, and has its roots back in the prehistoric times. Its wealth is based on the Naxian land and the products cultivated under certain conditions.

In Apolafsi we aim to bring you in touch with the gastronomic tradition of the island. Our great concern is the collection of natural products, the majority of which comes from our own farm and our own field.

- Interview with the owners of the restaurant Apolafsi -

Fresh fish & Seafood

On daily basis we choose the best fish and seafood from the local fishermen of the island, depending on the season. From our large glass showcase - fridge you can choose the fish you desire to taste and we will weigh it in front of your eyes.

With respect to our traditions

Due to its excellent quality and huge daily variety, Apolafsi is a beloved business on the island of Naxos. Locals keep visiting us all year round, while tourists urgently ask for directions so that they can reach our restaurant and taste the authentic Naxian cuisine for which they have heard a lot!

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